When it comes to transcription needs, traditional companies have hired an in-house transcriptionist to handle the massive load of documentation. Princeton Transcription, Inc, a global leader in transcription services and technology, offers a superior solution in many ways.

Turnover and Time Off Delays

When you employ an in-house transcriptionist, any illness, vacation, or other time off can lead to a large delay as work backs up. The dependence on an independent transcriptionists causes this set back because no other transcriptionist has been provided the training to meet your current company practices, and getting someone else to fill in can prove to be time-consuming.

If you think a single day of sick leave is bad, consider the fact that this is a fairly high turnover position. When a transcriptionist leaves, you lose all the training and experience that was invested in this person and have to start the learning curve all over with someone new.  

Consider the alternative where multiple part-time transcriptionists are assigned to your account’s team, so gaps in progress can easily be filled by a transcriptionist qualified and familiar with your needs. This is the case with Princeton Transcription, Inc. The load-balancing taking place behind the scenes ensures you will not notice when someone is required to step out for the day. In addition, the multiple people on your team means that if one member of the transcription team leaves, the other team members pick up the slack behind the scenes while simultaneously training a replacement without you needing to lift a finger. 

Tech Issues

In the digital business place, tech issues can be just as detrimental to the workflow as a transcriptionist taking time off. With an in-house transcriptionist, it’s quite possible there will be a learning curve as they get acquainted with your EHR or document management system. If issues arise on the job, the transcriptionist will also need to take time out of the day to contact your internal tech support department for assistance, leading to a lack of productivity in two departments. 

Transcriptionists at Princeton Transcription, Inc already have experience with a multitude of EHR and document management systems and can easily integrate with the system in practice at your workplace. In addition, Princeton Transcription Inc has their own tech support department available to transcriptionists, so you don’t have to be bothered supporting someone having tech issues. The IT department is ever present to assist your organization should the need arise. This includes document-related issues, as well as supplying dictation/transcription hardware and software if required. 

Quality of Work

The quality of work by our Princeton Transcription team is also guaranteed, thanks to the dedicated quality assurance (QA) department that is always there to spot check transcriptionists’ work and address any issues transcriptionists may have. A second set of eyes and ears is better than one, after all! This extra layer of QA assures that you are receiving only the best work, thanks to the resources an external model can provide. An in-house transcriptionist only has the quality assurance of their own eyes and ears.

Transcription work produced by an external model is not only higher quality, but also more efficient. With a single transcriptionist, one person is working on a single project from start to finish. With Princeton Transcription, Inc, multiple part-time transcriptionists can work simultaneously to ensure a faster turnaround time. This means your needs will be met swiftly and efficiently by a team you can trust.

Of course, there are benefits to an in-house transcriptionist, as you get to hire someone yourself and guarantee the quality of their work. Perhaps you find it concerning that most transcription companies outsource overseas to English second language (ESL) transcriptionists, which will not fit your needs. Thankfully, all transcriptionists at Princeton Transcription are US-based, native English speakers. This guarantees that you will get the same quality as hiring someone yourself.

The Hiring Process

There are several reasons you can trust your Princeton Transcription team. Behind the scenes, Princeton Transcription makes sure their employees are all well-qualified and properly experienced individuals. Employees must pass rigorous employment testing (and most applicants don’t make the cut). Even after the initial hiring process, their work receives full quality assurance protocols, and this primary monitoring ensures the quality of their work can be trusted. 

The intense hiring process applies to QA employees as well, making them the best in the business, with decades of experience and truly talented ears. This level of quality and reliability isn’t something you’d get by hiring someone yourself. 


Trust in your Team

When you choose Princeton Transcription, a dedicated account manager (AM) is assigned to your account. This individual serves as your primary point of contact and is there to make sure your experience is uncomplicated and professional. 

Your AM gets to know you, your office, and your people intimately. This keeps you from re-explaining things all over again with each new transcriptionist handling the workload. Your AM is trained to be very easy to reach, responsive, and highly professional.  You can text, email, or call them and they will be on top of it. In addition, the AM has a dedicated backup who will be properly trained on your account and also have a working relationship with you, so that if the AM is ever out the backup can seamlessly step in and fill that role.

Through your AM, Princeton Transcription functions as an extension of your office, learning all about your organization and all of your unique preferences. The team really listens to you and gets to understand all of the unique nuances about how your office runs and wants things done.

The multiple transcriptionists on your team are dedicated to your account, similar to the dedicated person you would hire, except the account load is balanced over multiple people for greater reliability, redundancy, and faster turnaround time. 


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